Gainesville Bar Picks

Gainesville is recognized throughout the United States as being a fantastic place to live, and we don't disagree with that. With the University of Florida, as well as the Santa Fe College, this college town has a youthful vibrance that can't be denied, and that certainly adds to its charm. It was voted at the best place to live in North American by National Geographic, so don't just take it from us! Here are all of the best places to party at in Gainesville.

The Top

(352) 337-1188

30 North Main, Gainesville, FL 32601

If you're looking for a fun time and great food, this bar meets vegetarian restaurant is a great pick! You're sure to enjoy the amazing food selections that are offered at The Top. Be sure to try the vegan chocolate cake, as well as all of their salads. The drink specials are where it's at, so come in!

Stubbies & Steins

(352) 384-1261

9 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

Stubbies & Steins is a German pub with the best beer selection in town. The locals love this pub because they offer a varied selection of delicious bar foods, as well as amazing deals on German beer. You're guaranteed to love this pub!

2nd Street Speakeasy

(352) 271-7569

21 SW 2nd St, Gainesville, FL 32601

2nd Street Speakeasy is an upscale lounge with some amazing live entertainment will have you dancing through the night. This speakeasy makes amazing old school drinks,but they're also hip to the modern craft beer trend. Come visit!

The Midnight

(352) 672-6113

223 South Main, Gainesville, FL 32601

The Midnight is a bar for all of the insomniacs! Midnight is open late, and that's a great things in our eyes. They have specials that are sure to have your wallet impressed, while the food selection isn't half bad. Grab a board game and have a great time!

Half Cork’d

(352) 519-5221

30 N Main St, Gainesville, FL 32601

As you might guess from "cork'd" in the name, Half Cork'd is a wine bar, and it's one of the best! They offer an awesome self-serve set up with an impressive selection of wine. The selection can be a bit intimidating if you're not a wine buff, but don't worry, you'll surely like whatever you decide on.

Simons Night Club

(352) 336-7141

8 S Main St, Gainesville, FL 32601

If you're looking to head out for a wild night and let loose then Simon's Night Club is a great choice. This popular Gainesville dance club offers great music, tons of space to drink and dance, and even a humidor when you walk in. You're going to have a fun time here.