Gainesville Limos About Us

Feel free to call us at any time, on any day. Our phones are always open and we value your feedback & spend most of our time answering questions. We like to believe that we have some of the most informed clients out there! You can email us, as well, if that is more convenient for you.

Gainesville Limos has been in business for many years and even though advertising has become such a big deal in the recent past, we value our word-of-mouth feedback immensely. Therefore, we have an open-door policy when it comes to communication ... we encourage you to give us feedback -good or bad- and we will use it as a way to continue to better our business. Our reputation has grown and consistently improved but, no one is perfect. There are always little things that we can do (or do more of) that can improve everyone's experiences with us.

We pride ourselves on having an informed staff and we welcome any questions you may have. You can call or email us - and receive an immediate response - any day of the year, at any time!

We have made it our continuing practice to be as professional as imaginable but also have a fun and friendly demeanor. We sincerely hope that our business motto of effort and friendliness echoes through in our communications and business practices with you!